Retail Shopping Survey
Special Question For Today's Economic Times
We believe that retail sales will continue at about the same pace as they have been over the recent three months?

Our reason for this belief is that people will continue to use credit cards and spend cash on many relatively small purchases for themselves because they feel miserable and will use these personal gifts to maintain their spirits day by day.


1.  Select all -- if any -- statements that you agree with.
Catalogs are a great way to shop.
Going to a retail store & touching the merchandise is the best way to shop.
I have never purchased anything over the Internet.
I would never buy anything over the Internet.
I would not use a credit card to buy on the Internet.
I enjoy shopping for and then buying stuff over the Internet.

2.  I have made purchase(s) over the Internet and believe it is a great way to buy many things. Agree

3.  Select the one statement that you agree with the most.
I would use a catalog to shop rather than go to a store.
I would use a catalog to shop rather than the Internet.
I would use the Internet to shop rather than go to a store.
I would use the Internet to shop rather than use a catalog.
If something is sold on the Internet, I prefer to buy it that way from a reputable site.

3.  I would like to use one easily-navigated Internet site that links to all retail stores so I could always start from that site. Agree

4. I prefer to use the following method to pay for purchases on the Internet. Credit card
Mail a check

5. It is safe and secure to use a credit card over the Internet. Only on some encrypted sites
It is safe on most sites
Not at all

6. Have you ever had a bad experience shopping on the Internet?
Yes No
If you have, please briefly identify it:

7. Using a credit card to shop on the Internet is as safe as handing your credit card to a waiter in a restaurant or a sales clerk in a retail store. Agree

8. Please select the kinds of merchandise you are comfortable purchasing on the Internet.
Books Shoes
CDs & DVDs Clothing
Spices Perishable food
Electronics Sealed & packed foods
Housewares Toys
Tickets Tools & Hardware
Office supplies Other:

9. I am: Female

10.  My age group is: Under 10 11-20 21-29 30-39 40-49
50-59 60-69 70-79 80-89 90 & over
11. How did you find Wall Street Journal Just looking around the Internet Newsgroup
USA Today Business associate Search engine
A News magazine A blog named: Linked from:

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